If your child is 5 or over,
or has a wobbly tooth
you need to act now!

Order a tooth collection kit today
for only $45 and be ready for
when your child loses a tooth.

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Your tooth collection kit contains all you
need to safely package and store your
child’s baby tooth for its return to our
laboratory, where we will harvest the
stem cells and confirm their
functionality for medical use.

We’ll also give you
three month’s FREE storage!

Order kit!

If your child already has a wobbly tooth,
you can secure their future health
by setting up a storage plan today.

Storage plan prices

Tooth Collection Kit

Tooth Collection Kit
(Free for Access Members)

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Tooth Processing and Laboratory Fee

Tooth Processing and
Laboratory Fee
*If the value of your account exceeds this fee, you will have nothing to pay

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Monthly Storage Plan

Monthly Storage Plan
$12.95 per month
*Any additional value in your account can be used against future storage plan costs

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For information on annual and longer term pricing options, please contact us on 1-888-315-3843

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