The world’s first
specialist tooth stem cell bank

BioEden, it’s in our nature

Why choose us?

Because at BioEden we are a team of scientists, innovators and creators on the journey of a lifetime. Driven by our passion for exploring and developing the thrilling potential of emerging medical science.

We’re pioneers

  • The global leader in the collection and preservation of stem cells taken from deciduous teeth and wisdom teeth.

Our process is patented and unique

  • We use a dual storage system whereby the stem cells are stored independently in separate locations.

We’re a team of scientists

  • Other companies who offer this service store either the tooth or the dental pulp. BioEden isolates the stem cells from the dental pulp and evaluates them to check that they are viable before storing them. This method allows for a significant number of healthy cells to be preserved.

The BioEden difference

  • We will let you know if the cells aren’t viable for storage and guarantee to process the next tooth at no extra cost, if required

We promise to…

  • Support and update you at every step
  • Thoroughly test the tooth stem cells
  • Only store a viable sample
  • Ensure secure processing and storage
  • Give you quick and easy access to your cells
  • Never stop exploring the science

Our US facility is formally regulated by the FDA.

Stem Cell Timeline

  • 1963 Dr’s Till and McCulloch prove the existence of stem cells
  • 1978 Stem Cells are discovered in Cord Blood
  • 2000 Stem Cells discovered in teeth
  • 2006 BioEden, the World’s First banking service for dental stem cells was founded in the USA
  • 2007 BioEden expands into Europe
  • 2008 BioEden expands into Asia, the same year that surgeons transplant a new trachea from stem cells into a child rebuilding his airway
  • 2009 Stem cells from teeth used in human therapy
  • 2013 BioEden records banking almost 17 billion stem cells from children’s teeth and is operational in 21 countries
  • 2014 BioEden introduces payment options to ensure stem cell therapy is an affordable reality for all.
  • 2015 A BioEden customer reports dramatic improvement of symptoms from debilitating diabetes just 12 weeks into therapy.
  • 2016 A Celebration of our 10th Anniversary

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“…building an organ that is a match for you, is available for you, is something that wasn’t even fathomable ten or 15 years ago…”

US Scientist Dr Dorris Taylor on her research work in building a human heart

Stem cell therapy has been used successfully thousands of times in countries around the world. Stem cells have been successfully used to grow replacement skin, replacement tracheas, new corneas, heart repair after heart attack. It is widely believed that stem cell therapy may offer remedies for such conditions as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, juvenile diabetes, spinal cord injury, MS, ALS and certain forms of cancer. Read more about research and treatment