Tooth Stem Cells Lead to “Huge” Improvements in 20 Patients Treating Autism to Diabetes

super stem cell kid

Over the past decade, we’ve extracted and banked millions of tooth stem cells. 20 members have now retrieved their cells and are using them to treat conditions such as diabetes, autism, and cerebral palsy, and become real-world success stories.

Whether it’s a report on the latest research study, a story of a patient overcoming a life-threatening disease, or a piece on an elite athlete bouncing back quicker than expected, it seems like every day stem cells make the news.

This makes sense — they’re one of the most exciting and promising fields of modern medicine. But to the patients and families who are suffering and could benefit from such treatments today, it seems there’s been a whole lot of talk and very little action in bringing them into the hands of the public.

Nearly all the stem cell stories in the media aren’t from people in real-world settings but clinical trials, lab studies, or extraordinary circumstances. Most patients have to accept the harsh reality that stem cell therapy is not an option for them but rather a far off reality.

However, in the past few years we’ve seen this trend change. Clinical trials are progressing into their final stages, more and more treatments are available to patients, and, as one of the later discoveries in the field, tooth stem cells are finally starting to reveal their potential.

The results are in: Do tooth stem cells deliver on their bold promises?

If you haven’t heard many accounts of tooth stem cells being used in practice, that’s because there aren’t many out there. But the few that do exist are hard to ignore. They, along with the masses of studies on dental pulp stem cells and the impressive results of mesenchymal stem cells, have encouraged thousands to bank cells from their teeth. Today, after 10 successful years, we’re proud to announce more than a few real-world success stories that deliver above and beyond expectations.

Ranging from ages 2 to 43, twenty of our members have retrieved tooth stem cells banked with BioEden for treatments. The conditions being treated range from autism, cerebral palsy, and diabetes to knee injuries and cleft lip.

Although still in the early stages of treatment, the results are overwhelmingly positive. Several patients report vast improvements in their conditions and not one has experienced side effects or adverse reactions.

Unsurprisingly, patients with diabetes are noting some of the most significant changes. After a full course of treatment, one 28-year-old said the large blisters on the palms of their hands vanished. Other benefits included an improvement in energy levels and liver function, decreased swelling, and a lesser intake of insulin.

Diabetes responds well to tooth stem cells. And also showing much promise is Autism. Several reports from children with Autism show stem cell therapy using tooth stem cells resulted in significant progress in developmental markers across the board.

In one case the child didn’t speak before the therapy, but now they have a vocabulary of 15 words. They also described, along with other children in the group, an increase in memory, bodily control, and motility, and a new sensitivity to pain.

The reports from these 20 members are not only testament to the therapeutic capacity of tooth stem cells, but their versatility and durability to be extracted, stored, and returned, all while remaining 100 percent viable for use.

So far tooth stem cells are delivering on their promises. This is great news for our members and their families and also the thousands more people who could benefit from tooth stem cell therapies. And with such positive results from the early stages of treatment, it’s only a matter of time before we see these amazing cells are truly capable of.