At the heart of your child’s milk tooth are their own stem cells – unique cells that have the potential to repair, restore, and may one day save their life.

Here are ten reasons why your child’s tooth stem cells should be stored without delay. Click here

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Bringing Stem Cell Access to the People

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Come and meet Eden, the Super Tooth Fairy!

The BioKidz now have their own website. Come and meet Eden, Mike the Scientist & Fluffy the Spider in this interactive, with stem cell fun just for children.

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Stem cell therapy is emerging as a revolutionary new way to treat disease and injury, with wide-ranging medical benefits.

It works by introducing stem cells into an area where the normal cells have lost their function, the stem cells then replace or repair the damaged cells.

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The Process

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What are stem cells and how can they make a difference in people’s lives?

Stem cells are special because they can change into other types of cells, which means they have immense potential.

They can replace cells that are lost or damaged by injury or disease. Grown under the right conditions they can be differentiated to form organs, bones, cartilage and tissue. Stem cells also have the ability to repair the immune system.

Sounds impossible? It’s not, thanks to life-changing science the realms of what is possible have changed. Find out more

Missed the opportunity to bank your child’s cord blood stem cells?

Now a second opportunity presents itself, and the stem cell banking process is 100% non-invasive.

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Professor John Hunt talks about BioEden and the power of stem cells

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We’ve launched a Stem Cell Banking facility in Monterrey, Mexico. We now operate in over 25 countries

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‘Hundreds of thousands of people are alive today because of stem cell medicine’

Dr. Henry Sucov, University of Southern California

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The Science

Stem cell therapy, and it’s potential ability to cure many diseases, can provide peace of mind – and real opportunities for those wishing to safeguard the health of future generations.

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Stem cell therapy has been used successfully thousands of times in countries around the world. Stem cells have been successfully used to grow replacement skin, tracheas and corneas. They have also been used to repair hearts after heart attack. It is widely believed that stem cell therapy may offer remedies for such conditions as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, juvenile diabetes, spinal cord injury, MS, ALS and certain forms of cancer. Read more about research and treatment