BioEden tooth stem cell storage bank

Personalized regenerative medicine is widely accepted as the future of medical science. Stem cell therapy is fundamental to this approach.

BioEden is the world’s first and only biobank to collect, assess and cryogenically store living stem cells from teeth. Our desire is to make a difference in people’s lives. Therefore BioEden is committed to supporting stem cell research.

Founded in 2006 in Austin, Texas, BioEden now has stem cell processing labs in both the UK and USA, serving customers across the world.

What are stem cells? Stem cells are unique in the body because they can change into other types of cells. This means they have immense potential to enhance and extend life.

Stem cells can replace cells that are lost or damaged by injury or disease. Under the right conditions stem cells can be developed and grown to form organs, bones, cartilage and tissue. They also have the ability to repair the immune system.

Our patented process is unique – we extract dental pulp from the tooth and then isolate the stem cells from the dental pulp. We then test and evaluate them thoroughly prior to storage to ensure the best possible chance of viability. The stem cells are then stored at our multiple secure cryogenic facilities ready for use should your child ever need them.

New stem cell therapies are being developed at an unprecedented pace, many ideas for treatment that our parents thought were purely science fiction are now becoming a reality.

At BioEden the future has never felt so secure – join today and protect your child’s future health.

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  • The World’s First and Only Specialist Tooth Stem Cell Bank. All our effort goes into tooth stem cells.
  • Our family looks after your family. We are the only company to provide a complete customer care package.
  • All current research points towards stem cells as the way forward in the development of medical science.

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Stem cell therapy has been used successfully thousands of times in countries around the world. Stem cells have been successfully used to grow replacement skin, tracheas and corneas. They have also been used to repair hearts after heart attack. It is widely believed that stem cell therapy may offer remedies for such conditions as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, juvenile diabetes, spinal cord injury, MS, ALS and certain forms of cancer. Read more about research and treatment

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